B.E.S.T. Application






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In order to work in our office you MUST have work study!!!!  

Do NOT let that stop you because if you did not get NEED work study there is a chance we can get you qualified for MERIT work study!!!!

The Merit Work-Study program provides students with an opportunity to work in particular jobs which will provide experience in their future careers. Merit work-study awards are not based upon financial need. Applications are available from Student Employment Services on the first working day of February for the following academic year. Students must locate a job before applying since the award is based upon the applicant finding and working in a job that is in their major or furthers their career goals.

Awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis and funds are limited.
If available, please submit a resume with your application.

*Deadline to apply to work/volunteer:  Friday, November 11th


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